Chiropractic Testimonials

"It was suggested to me to try chiropractic methods for my migraines, at first I thought how could this help my migraines? Upon arriving to this AMAZINGLY staffed establishment, it was effectively shown to me how this method could solve so many ongoing issues with more than just my migraines. I am pleased with my progress and cannot wait for the results. Thanks Dr. Britt & Dr. Ty."

- Candace S.

"Tyler and Brittany are so welcoming and make you feel right at home. The facility is beautiful, there’s never a wait and their philosophy works wonders. I have noticed a significant difference Since seeking chiropractic care thru them."

- Amanda C.

"Professional and personable, very friendly. My wife and I always leave laughing and truly feeling as though everyone there cares. I have felt better than I have in the last few years. They care and know about what they're doing and it shows so much. I would highly recommend checking them out, it's worth it."

- Paul G.

"I highly recommend Avenue One Health Center! In just the approximate month or so that I have been going , I have already seen such a vast improvement in the constant neck pain and stiffness in both of my hands that I have been suffering with for several years. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Brittany are both very knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft. Both are very personable and we always share a laugh or two on my visits. So very happy that my wife convinced me to give them a try."

- Kent B.

"I feel loved and cared for by the entire staff. I always bring my young daughters with me, and Dr. Brittany and the others are so patient and accommodating!"

- Mallory B.

"I am very thankful for Avenue One Chirporactor for helping me to overcome breast cancer. I don't believe in oncology but I do believe in the body's power to heal itself if you love it back to health...but I needed my back aligned for my body to heal, and that was more important to me than toxic treatments. I am completely healed now, and my postures is straight and beautiful again! I highly recommend focusing on your spine as part of a way to regain complete health."

- Patty H.

"I love the way the staff at this practice care as you as more than just a patient. I have yet to find another provider who cares so much for the people who treat here. Well worth coming to check out since they have changed my life in more ways than one!"

- Bailey A.


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